The Greening of a University

Lydia Bakit is a journalism and media studies senior at SDSU and an intern in the Marketing and Communications department.

Last week SDSU officially went green.

This was SDSU’s third annual GreenFest, an entire week of events for students and the community to celebrate sustainability, as well as our Aztec pride.

Each day I attended events and wanted to share the experiences I had with my fellow Aztecs! The first event I attended was the Amazing Race: The Green Edition, where student teams were handcuffed to one another completing various tasks related to sustainability. This was the first student competition of the week, and it began with students yelling “amazing race!” with thrill and excitement.

Approximately 24 student teams ran around campus, looking like groups of lions ready to attack the next person in the way. Visitors to campus must have been wondering what was going on.

Tuesday was the Consuul Enviro-Fashion Show, which took place at the Aztec Center Outdoor Patio. If you walked

Consuul Enviro-Fashion Show winner: Delta Sigma Pi

by this area at noon, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have missed our fellow Aztecs ‘rip the runway,’ dressed in their own creative outfits made from environmentally-friendly materials. It was amazing to see what students created from materials, including plastic bottles and bags, food wrappers and more.

A live DJ rocked the ones and twos and Consuul, a local print, design and apparel company, had models wearing their attractive clothing line. In all, this event had everyone entertained, and I suggest you check out the photos if you didn’t attend.

Wednesday was a festive and active day for me, but nonetheless it was extremely insightful. I visited all three events that day, including:

  • Sustain Your Roots: World Map to Sustainability
  • Student Market & Booth Decorating Contest
  • “In Conversation” with Julia “Butterfly” Hill and Daryl Hannah

I first made it to the student market and booth decorating contest and made it on time to meet some students from Aztecs for Africa, a student organization that spreads awareness about what’s happening in Africa, as well as raise

Third place winner of Student Market & Booth Decorating Contest: Aztecs for Africa

funds to support Africa.

Next, I took a stop at Centennial Walkway to visit the ‘World Map to Sustainability’ event and left with a handful of knowledge from various cultures. Student organizations and several groups from Balboa Park’s House of Pacific Relations International Cottages shared how their rich cultures relate to sustainability. I gained knowledge about the versatile ways coconut was utilized in Guam’s ancient time, such as coconut leaves being used to wove baskets and build houses.

And of course, last but certainly not least, I attended the keynote speaker address with well-known environmentalists, Julia “Butterfly” Hill and actress Daryl Hannah. Let me just say that this event was nothing but incredible. The two humble and vibrant ladies shared their compassion in living sustainable lives, as well as the importance in noticing the impact we each have in the environment.

Out of the several invaluable topics Hill and Hannah discussed with about 400 attendees filled in the seats of Montezuma Hall, Hill’s comment about something we all are a part of seemed to resonate with me most.

“Reality is, over six billion of us and growing, are environmental activists. Whether we are actively destroying it or actively healing it,” said Hill.

I could go on for days telling others about how motivational it was hearing the two speak. But for now, you can read more about this memorable event by reading my story on NewsCenter.

Thursday was e3’s fifth annual business fair, featuring SDSU’s Surfrider Foundation club, Schap and SDSU interns from the Green Campus Program. The interns had a bike generator that played music. It was also able to print paper and blow dry one’s hair, which was pretty cool!

The culinary showcase from Top Chef finalist, TLC host and local restaurant owner of Searsucker-chef Brian Malarkey- was an enjoyable event. With Malarkey’s multitasking skills, he experimented and created easy and

Brian Malarkey with GreenFest participants

Brian Malarkey with GreenFest participants

quick ways in making healthy meals while also sharing humorous stories with the crowd.

“Food is fun and it’s not something to be taken too serious. It’s meant to get people together and have a good time,” said Malarkey.

“College is all about experimentation and learning, and that’s what I wanted to achieve here today.”

As a graduating senior, I’m fortunate I was able to attend the various educational and interactive events. After speaking with several individuals, I was awakened by the thought that there is so much this beautiful earth offers, and it’s really up to us to make conscious decisions about the impact we have if we want to live in a healthy environment.

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