The First Day as President

Dr. Elliot Hirshman is the eighth president of San Diego State University. This post was originally published on his SDSU President blog.

Jeri and I are thrilled to be here having just completed a busy and productive first day. We genuinely appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received.

That San Diego State has only had seven presidents in 114 years is evidence of something special.  SDSU has achieved remarkable accomplishments in recent years.  The university has momentum.  In spite of some real short-term challenges – most significantly a new round of budget cuts – SDSU’s best days are ahead.

Given our short-term challenges, my first priority will be to work collaboratively through SDSU’s shared governance process to address our budget challenges.

Beyond that, I look forward to spending time meeting people from across the university and the broader community – increasing my understanding of San Diego State and building important long-term relationships. Thus far, I’ve been impressed by how many lives the university touches on a daily basis. I’m encouraged by the passion I’ve seen from people who want to work together to enhance student achievement, advance our research and creative endeavors, and support our community.

I look forward to meeting many more of you in the next few months and working with you to take San Diego State University to new levels of distinction.

Best wishes,

Elliot Hirshman

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One response to “The First Day as President

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    I wonder why there is no news or official statement of the new president getting a $110k raise at a time when budget cuts is hurting the university so badly. Is this the kind of leadership we are to expect from the Hirshman? I am really sorry to see President Weber go and I fear for the future of this great school.

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