The Social Networks We Can’t Live Without: A completely unscientific study

So, is Facbeook really losing its luster? Is Twitter already passé? Is LinkedIn the must have tool for professional networking? Is Google Plus well on its way to taking over the world? In a completely unscientific study conducted on all four of these social networks, I came to some conclusions about allegiances to our favorite social networks.

A few days ago I posed the following question to each of my personal networks on these four platforms:

“If you were to unplug from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ for one week, which one would you miss most?”

The responses weren’t terribly surprising. However, where the responses came from was what I found most interesting.

Overwhelmingly, my friends, colleagues and peers told me they would miss Facebook the most. Of the 30  responses I received, 20 said Facebook, while nine said Twitter, one said LinkedIn, and no one said they would miss Google + (there was one additional vote for Tumblr).

Of the 20 people who said they would miss Facebook, only 11 of those responses were actually posted on Facebook. Eight actually told me via Twitter that they would miss Facebook most, while one said so via G+.

Facebook response: “FB. It’s pretty much my only means of communication.”

Of the nine people who said they would miss Twitter the most, four responded via Twitter, one via Facebook and four via G+.

Twitter response: “Facebook, that’s where my deepest connections are.”

The one person who said she would miss LinkedIn the most is in the process of searching for a job, and gave that as her reason – via LinkedIn.


The SDSU Official Facebook Page

Personally, I would miss Twitter. My short attention span fits the

Twittersphere best. I can see all the news that’s important to me in a matter of minutes. Professionally, there really isn’t a comparison to the interaction and engagement we see on our Facebook page. When I go on vacation, it’s hard for me to not check in and see what fellow Aztecs are talking about.

So there it is, despite being the social media platform people love to hate, Facebook is also the social media platform we can’t seem to do without. Go figure.

What would you miss the most?

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