Another Aztec in the Making


My future Aztec decked out in Red and Black.

It’s the end of another summer and time to head back to school. But, unlike all previous summers I’ve spent working at SDSU, this one was different.  This time around I wasn’t on campus at all since I had a beautiful baby boy to take care of.

Our first child, Lucio, was born on May 17, the week before commencement. When you look into the face of a newborn, you don’t really know who they are or who they are going to be.

But, I knew two things that morning – my son was going to be named after his great-great-grandfather from Sicily, and he was going to be an Aztec.

You see, in my family, there’s really no other option – I was the third generation to head to Montezuma Mesa as a student, following the footsteps of my grandfather and my parents. I also had an aunt who was once a faculty member, an uncle who graduated from here and one of my cousins is currently a student. So many of my relatives know that familiar tune that ends with “Aztecs fight!” that I’m surprised I don’t hear it at family parties, too.

And did I mention that between my husband and I, we have three degrees bearing the university’s seal?

As you can see, my family really bleeds Red and Black, whether it’s following basketball and football, or my mom excitedly telling me that the then-president of her professional association was also the dean of the College of Sciences. For Lucio, it’ll be easy – he’s already got plenty of Aztec gear thanks to some on-campus colleagues and he “heard” the Aztecs run to the Sweet 16 in utero.

Regardless, I’m sure Lucio will learn about his Aztec family soon enough. But, I wonder: how long will it take him to learn the fight song?


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4 responses to “Another Aztec in the Making

  1. Hearty congratulations!!!! He’s adorable and I’m sure one of his first lullabies will the Aztec fight song.

  2. It was a real thrill to read this. You have always been my favorite “young” co-worker and I wish you all the best. The Aztecs are damn lucky to have a young half-Sicilian to call their own. Damn lucky!

    • Lorena

      Thanks, Pat! I’m glad you liked reading it — sometimes, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have Lou. And, yes, I totally agree that the Aztecs are lucky to have him in the family, too! 😉

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