Becoming a working mom

You may have heard that we recently had a baby boom in our division. Three new babies in one year, and one of them is mine!

Before baby, I was a notorious work-a-holic.  Checking email day and night, staying late, the epitome of someone who loves their job but doesn’t know how to “switch it off.”

It took the whole three months away on maternity leave to finally shake the old me and bring me face to face with the new me: a working mom.

As media relations manager, I am still on-the-job around the clock so to speak, but instead of checking my email before settling down to sleep,

Roman Jacobs

This little guy is the reason I have dropped my old "work-a-holic" habits.

I am prepping bottles, putting away toys and doing other things that were never before part of my daily routine.  Honestly, did I really spend that much time on my smart phone before the baby? (My husband says yes!)

Thankfully, my beautiful new son has really put things into perspective for me. I still love my job – how could I not working for my alma mater by helping to raise the prestige of our great university?  But as most working moms know – at the end of the day, the only thing I want to do is drive home and do the job that matters most – being the best mom I can be.

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