Behind the Scenes

Jim Herrick is Director of the SDSU Alumni Association. This post originally appeared in his blog Directly Speaking.

I had heard it was the 75th anniversary of San Diego State’s School of Music and Dance, so I thought I would take a walk over to the arty part of campus and check it out. It was Friday afternoon, kind of late but there was definitely some activity. I happen to know via osmosis that we have great programs in the performing arts. The students are immensely talented and destined for glory and stardom so I urge you strongly to go to a concert, opera or dance performance. The big thing currently is “The Magic Flute” and you can click here to get tickets.

On this day I found some sort of ensemble practicing in the Music Building. Take a listen:

> Ensemble Music

Then I checked out one of my favorite places—the costume shop. Here is the director, Teri, who is typically teaching a group of earnest designers sewing away:

Her colleague, Peter, took me over to the dressing room where two students were actually practicing applying the make-up that would be on two of the cast members in “The Magic Flute.” They had charts and brushes and paints and wigs. It was very cool. This is Gina:

And this is Kimberly:

Then I sneaked back stage of the Don Powell Theatre. I must admit I peek in here somewhat regularly. I get a kick out of seeing the building of sets. It seems to be far more related to construction management and engineering, but it is art.

And while we are really taking off here at San Diego State with right brain-oriented curricula, it is good to know that we have plenty of talented singers and musicians and dancers and artists, too. Without the left-brainers life just wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

Plus, for those of you who are not yet lifetime Alumni Association Members, we have a sweet deal on how to see some of these terrific shows, so check it out here:

And here is a picture of some upcoming concerts and a link to the shows. I promise you that you will have a great evening when you go.

Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff of the School of Music and Dance. Happy 75th anniversary and thanks for giving us all yet another reason to be proud of SDSU!


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