March Madness

students camp out on Campanile Walkway for prime campaign signage spots

Students camped out on Campanile Walkway for prime campaign signage spots.

While many attribute the madness of March to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, many SDSU student leaders deal with another, more personal, version of it, as well.

Just last week, SDSU students elected a new group of executives and college representatives for Associated Students for the 2012-13 academic year.

And it’s no “simple” election — as part of the process, students sit through orientation meetings, sleep outside overnight to stake prime campaigning sites and debate their opponents in an open forum. Even then, the slim margin between victory and defeat can be as thin as a dozen votes.

This is outside of their normal lives as students, too. There’s still midterms, part-time jobs, volunteering during Explore SDSU, and cheering on men’s and women’s basketball.

But, that’s what makes these students leaders — their commitment to campus, their classmates and the San Diego community is what sets them apart. They’re advocating on behalf of students, overseeing the many facilities and services students enjoy, and partnering with other organizations to help the San Diego community.

If the “madness” of students’ busy lives seems a bit much, just remember the end of March is just around the corner — and spring break along with it.

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