Thank You Spring Break

David Rozul is a junior studying Public Relations at San Diego State University

My beach gear is put away, bags unpacked and like the other 30,000 plus SDSU students, I have returned to good ol’ 5500 Campanile Way.

Within only a few days of returning to classes and going back to the normal routine, I can already tell there’s a different feeling on campus than from when I left for spring break.

People are happier, I see more smiles and the eyes of students glazing over in class have disappeared. Spring break does magical things.

For the longest time I’ve tried to pinpoint what exactly about spring break brings us all back so refreshed, and I finally think I’ve got it:

  1. The weather- Happier and no longer heavy with rain, I like to think the clouds are finally taking their own break, making way for the blue skies that I’ve come to love about San Diego this time of year.
  2. The memories- Everyone has more energy because the happy memories of the past seven days out and about are fresh in everyone’s mind.
  3. The ‘almost done’ factor– Look at a calendar; I don’t know about you, but the thought that SDSU spring 2012 semester is quickly coming to a close is putting a smile on my face.

No matter the reason or explanation, I like this feeling back;  I like this renewed energy I see and feel when I walk from Manchester Hall to the Arts and Letters building.

But nothing really has changed; I just perceive everything in a new light and I publicly would like to thank Mr. Spring Break for that. I don’t know who invented spring break, but I want to give them a high five. “Thank you, you’re awesome.”

Now it’s back to classes with a room full of students with brightened faces and the urge to learn fresh on their minds, or maybe it’s their adventures in Las Vegas last week that is still making them smile.


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