A “Dang” Hard Semester

I’ve been told that pain and struggle bring people together.

Although I don’t want to explicitly say that my classes this semester have caused me pain and struggle, I will say that they have been challenging.

Very, very, challenging.

But because of it, I’ve built a relationship with a handful of fellow public relations students that I am very grateful for and never thought I could have made.

Maybe it was the late night hours in the libraryphoto together, the timed news releases, the survey construction, the media pitching, the “fatal flaws,” or the fact that we had seen each other break down and go crazy with stress and anxiety throughout the semester; but without being pushed and challenged to the very end by my professors I don’t think we would be as close as we are now.

When I think about it, a college semester is more than just the knowledge you learn, but the life skills and relationships you build.

So although I may be suffering and crawling across the finish line of finals now, I know it will be all worth it in the long run.

Wherever my career takes me, wherever my final semester at San Diego State leads me, I know I can always rely on the support from the future “PR studs” who I’ve gone through this semester worth of challenges with, no matter how crazy they are.

Good Luck with Finals!

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