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Campus Construction Update

Canyon Crest Construction

Canyon Crest Construction

The City of San Diego has begun a construction project on the SDSU campus. The project will upgrade city sewer services as mandated by Federal law by installing new sewer lines along Canyon Crest Dr. on the northern edge of the campus near parking Lot X. The City’s project activity may unavoidably impact some University activities. The University recently completed year-long negotiations with City officials in an attempt to reduce these impacts as much as possible. The majority of the work will be completed at night between the hours of 8:00 pm to 5:00 am with normal both lanes of traffic opened after 5 am through the Spring 2013 semester. After 8:00 pm one lane of traffic will always be available with traffic control personnel controlling vehicle activity. Special considerations have been arranged for Viejas Arena and other large venue events where the City’s contractor will be required to schedule their start times for these and other large events to begin after the campus is clear from event traffic.

Following the Spring semester, from May 20-June 30, 2013, there will be a period of time that trenching will need to occur across Canyon Crest Rd. During this period, vehicle through traffic will be closed from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. At no time will Canyon Crest be closed to vehicle traffic during normal business hours. More information will be provided on the details of this activity as the time nears.

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From Political Science to the Presidential Campaign

Krista Parker is a former Associated Students Executive Officer at San Diego State University. She graduated in spring 2012 with a degree in political science and jumped right in to working on the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama. Following is her account of what that experience was like.

On July 14th, I jumped on a plane to begin the crazy adventure of campaign life- my destination Virginia Beach, VA. As one of the most important battleground “states”, I say state in quotations simply because VA considers itself a Commonwealth still to this day, VA was the place to be for this roller coaster Presidential Election and I was the lucky one who was able to sit in the front!Krista Parker

While in Virginia Beach, my role as a Field Organizer resulted in sleepless nights, stressful situations and pressure that is on the border of being scary. No day on the campaign was ever the same however our ultimate goal was consistent … win. That process was centralized around three types of communications: phone calls, knocking on doors and getting people registered to vote. I was responsible for seven voting precincts and the majority of those precincts had voted Republican back in 2008 so the difficulty level was high but the challenge was accepted. I met so many people on this journey ranging from the 78 year old woman who couldn’t read therefore had never registered to vote because nobody would help her with the form, to the man who lost his job because it was shipped overseas. Every person we talked to had a story of why they supported our candidate and every person had a vote.

On September 27th, I had the honor to meet the man I was working so hard for – President Barack Obama. I could use the cliché line of “this was the best moment of my life so far” and I will. We held a campaign rally in Virginia Beach that resulted in approximately 7,000 people to show their support for him. After he spoke, he walked around the crowd shaking hands, taking pictures and talking to the voters. This was my chance to thank him for everything he had done for the country and for me as a woman and student. He made his way around the curve and he shook my hand. His famous campaign quote came out of my mouth “Don’t Boo, Vote” he came in closer and replied “What did you say sweetie?” I repeated myself a little louder and slightly more confident and he smiled with a response “That’s right, Don’t Boo, Vote. Thank you for what you are doing for this country” THAT was the best moment of my life, so far.

krista parkerFrom July until early October, I spent most of my time developing teams to work as hard as possible during the final push – Get Out the Vote (GOTV). GOTV was by far the most exciting time on the campaign because everything started to fall into place. The polls didn’t matter in my eyes and I had to stop even looking at them as we started to inch toward November 6th. The days leading up to the election resulted in horrible fast food, absolutely no sleep and many trips to 7-11 for energy drinks. Think of finals week but far worse. Walk packets had to be prepped, scripts have to be crafted for volunteers and everything had to be perfect or you risk failure. We were lucky enough to have the best teams, the best voters and the best system – that resulted in an election night projecting our candidate Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 election.

Nothing is perfect. At some of our precincts, we had people waiting in line for 10 hours to cast their vote for the President in the pouring rain. We had systems that were meant to prevent any large problems and they were successful. We had worked for months to get to this moment. Our work had paid off and the President was re-elected. It was draining and exhausting but on election night after all the polls had closed and the results were final, it was all worth it. Four out of my seven precincts voted Democrat and voter turnout increased drastically. One of my precincts ended up having a seven vote difference, in favor of the President. That is the direct effect of a ground team and that is what won the election for the President.

Many have asked me “would I ever do this again?” My answer stays the same, I don’t know if I will ever connect with a candidate the same way I did with the President. I can’t imagine doing this for a candidate that I didn’t fully agree with their policies or their politics. The President is someone I supported and was willing to work 20 hour days for 7 days a week and to find a candidate like that will take time. The friendships I have made and the experience is absolutely priceless, so on that note, if the opportunity presents itself and one truly believes in a candidate, jump on the campaign while you can still operate in “college” like conditions. The outcome is worth it!

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Storm Nasatir Renovation Update: Oct. 3, 2012

There is a scheduled concrete placement for the Storm Nasatir project tomorrow, Oct. 4, beginning 6 a.m.  There will be concrete trucks coming through Scripps Terrace during the morning hours, entering through the construction fenced area at north end of Nasatir 100 building.  There will also be concrete trucks parked along the lower slope of Aztec Circle Drive for buildings D&E footing placement.  In an effort to minimize pedestrian traffic blockage we have requested the contractor to not park the concrete trucks in waiting mode along Scripps Terrace.

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Storm and Nasatir Hall Renovation Update

The scheduled hard demo work of the building section highlighted below between north and south Storm Hall will be starting tomorrow, Friday, 9/21.  In an effort to minimize noise disruptions sounds blankets have been installed on site.  The sequence of work for this will be about two days, starting tomorrow and into this Saturday as well.


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Huddle Up!

Jim Herrick is the Director of the SDSU Alumni Association. This post originally appeared in his blog, Directly Speaking.

Okay, huddle up!

Pardon the football analogy but it is difficult not to go there at this time of year.  And the team approach to problem solving remains in vogue.

The problem, or challenge, as it were, is that only two percent of our undergraduate degree-holding alumni are annual donors.  We have dissected this at length for six months and concluded that Aztec alumni who love their alma mater will help improve this abysmal percentage if they fully understand why it is important to do so.  First some facts that support the notion that it is readily apparent that Aztec alumni love SDSU:

What our research indicates is that alumni do not understand that annual gifts of any amount factor into the rankings provided by US News and World Report and that donating to SDSU helps the university rise in those rankings and therefore in national stature. What alumni may also not understand is that any amount literally means ANY amount and that gifts to any San Diego State University department, college, entity, athletic team or program, scholarship, or particular academic major or program all count as gifts to SDSU.

We also learned that many alumni fall into two categories.  Category one is, “The only time you communicate is to ask for money.”  Category two is, “I’ve never been asked.”

Well, we are going to start asking.

Because here is the punch line: We need all of our alumni who love SDSU to donate some amount to any SDSU entity every year.  We need you to declare by action that you believe in your alma mater. We need you to be counted as among those who are helping State carve a better reputation.

Did I mention any amount?

Thanks for clicking here: Give Now

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Storm Nasatir Hall Construction Update: August 14, 2012

As part of the Storm Nasatir construction project, preparations are being made to have a few site related construction maintenance items in place prior to the beginning of the Fall semester on August 27.

1. PS8 3rd Level Access: The team is coordinating with the contractor to have them wrap up the underground utilities work in this area, pull back the construction fencing and provide a pedestrian walkway to PS8 3 level.  The goal is to have this in place the week of August 20.

PS8 detour route

2.       ADA path at temporary restroom facility: this work is tentatively scheduled to start this Thursday, Aug. 16.  The work should only take 1-2 days to complete.  In an event the work does not start this week it will be rescheduled to beginning week of Aug. 20th. 

ADA Path


3.       Pedestrian walkway directly south of Storm and Nasatir Halls: The goal is to have this scaffolding and pedestrian walkway in place the week of Aug. 20 to accommodate 2-way traffic through this area.  We are coordinating with the contractor to build an ADA compliant pedestrian walkway as wide as the site will allow.  There will be access to/from the lower outdoor dining area and entry/exit of West Commons to the pedestrian walkway.

Pedestrian walkway directly south of Storm and Nasatir Halls


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Storm and Nasatir Hall Construction Update: Construction Webcam

For your viewing pleasure, there are two webcams positioned to track the progress of the Storm Nasatir Hall Renovation Project. You can check them out here.

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