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David Rozul is a Media Relations/ New Media Assistant for SDSU. When not writing for SDSU NewsCenter or reading PR daily, you can catch David training for his next half marathon and rooting for the SF Giants.

An Aztec Adventure

I took a trip to a place I had never been, with people I had never met, and did an activity I had never tried.

One of 208874_10151596587354750_139447072_nthe best decisions I have ever made.

This past month, I went on an “Aztec Adventure” and if you’re not familiar with what that is, simply:  it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Organized by SDSU’s Aztec Recreation Center, an Aztec Adventure is an outdoor trip that allows its participants to break away and engulf themselves with nature.

I found myself in Arizona. Canoeing upstream in the Colorado River.

For me the trip was a way to take a break. A way to feel the stresses that had built up from my work and school routine, slowly drift away with every stroke into Arizona’s Black Canyon.

And although I didn’t anticipate it, I met some amazing people in the process.544151_10151596589039750_1684071593_n

There were 14 of us.  We battled currents upstream, relaxed in natural hot springs, hiked in pitch black caves, gave each other mud facials and slept under the stars. We  did all of it, together.

These complete strangers became my friends, and now we’re all tied together with these lasting memories of this amazing trip.

I must say to be out in the wild and turn off your phone saying goodbye to email and twitter  for four days was a little nerve racking. But hey, what’s life without a little risk… a little adventure.

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A “Dang” Hard Semester

I’ve been told that pain and struggle bring people together.

Although I don’t want to explicitly say that my classes this semester have caused me pain and struggle, I will say that they have been challenging.

Very, very, challenging.

But because of it, I’ve built a relationship with a handful of fellow public relations students that I am very grateful for and never thought I could have made.

Maybe it was the late night hours in the libraryphoto together, the timed news releases, the survey construction, the media pitching, the “fatal flaws,” or the fact that we had seen each other break down and go crazy with stress and anxiety throughout the semester; but without being pushed and challenged to the very end by my professors I don’t think we would be as close as we are now.

When I think about it, a college semester is more than just the knowledge you learn, but the life skills and relationships you build.

So although I may be suffering and crawling across the finish line of finals now, I know it will be all worth it in the long run.

Wherever my career takes me, wherever my final semester at San Diego State leads me, I know I can always rely on the support from the future “PR studs” who I’ve gone through this semester worth of challenges with, no matter how crazy they are.

Good Luck with Finals!

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Top 5 PR Tips from SF to SD

A couple hundred dollars, more than a thousand miles and dozens of business cards later, I’m back in San Diego from the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference energized and inspired as ever in pursuing a career in the public relations profession.

But for my fellow public relations students and pr pros who were unable to attend, I thought I would share the top 5 things I’ve learned from some of the nation’s top public relations professionals and strategists.

1.Relationships are key.
Not only is building relationships with your clients and publics crucial in the practice of public relations, but so too are the relationships you create and nurture with established professionals. Companies want to make sure they know you and that you can get the job done. Building trust through early and consistent contact with an organization, whether it be an informational interview or an email goes a long way.

2.Take initiative.
Make that call, send that email and learn about what you’re interested in. Don’t wait for people to come to you, or for that job opportunity to be posted, instead go to the source and learn about the company you want to work for.

3.It’s OK to be different.
Actually encouraged! And I don’t mean being a male in a female intensive field (which personally I don’t mind), but rather find your niche.  Over and over again the importance of distinguishing yourself above all other applicants was emphasized. Make it clear who you are and what you have to bring to the table is consistent across all online platforms.

4.Talk, don’t preach.
I’m a Millennial and as much as I love talking about myself or what I did, no one else loves hearing about it. Use your social media and online presence for dialogue not dissemination. Connect with people, talk about topics you’re mutually interested in, and have fun doing it.

5.Be curious.
Asking questions never hurt anyone. Don’t take everything at face value, and if you don’t understand something, ask. Get involved, make something, create something and develop your own skills that way.  As “Biz” Stone, the co-founder of Twitter,  said, “Opportunity can be manufactured,” so whatever you want to do it’s up to you, make it happen!

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Storm and Nasitir Hall Update: Hard Demolition Begins

Renovation to Storm and Nasitir Halls continue as hard demolition begins today, July 26.

Over the next three days demolition will occur on the section of the building that connects Storm and Nasitir Halls.

In an effort to minimize noise disruptions, sound blankets have been installed on the north and west side of the demolition.

Demolition on this section will conclude on Saturday, July 28.

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Storm/Nasatir Classroom Relocations

With construction in full-swing to replace Storm and Nasatir Halls, classrooms, labs and offices that once occupied the two buildings will be relocated to other campus locations.

To offset classroom space, temporary classrooms, each seating about 50 students, will be used in lots O and P on College Ave.

Portable Classrooms in P Lot

Portable Classrooms in P Lot

Portable Classrooms in O lot

Portable classrooms in O Lot

Other buildings where classrooms and offices will also be temporarily relocated to Adams Humanities, Love Library, College Square, Physical Sciences, Hardy Tower, East Mall and Peterson Gym.

The much needed renovation on the two 1957 buildings began on June 1 and the project is expected to be completed by January 2015.

Get more information about the project.

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