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new and improved catalog hits shelves

Catalog CoverThe new SDSU 2010-2011 catalog has just been released. It may not sound like the biggest news of the century, but this tool is possibly the most important part of planning student education at SDSU, and this year’s catalog was done a little differently.

New Design

The new catalog sports a fresh new design, complementing recent updates to other sites like the Prospective Student Web page and printed recruitment materials like ViewBooks and San Diego State posters. The new design was created with students in mind, pulling opinions from current students to create the most eye-catching material.

New Outlook

In creating this year’s catalog, SDSU also found out how much this reference is being used by students and staff. Feedback found that counselors and advisers utilize this tool on a more regular basis than the average student.

As of now, each new student receives a full copy of the SDSU catalog at New Student Orientation. But following SDSU’s other efforts to go green, the campus is considering an option to forgo passing out catalogs to every new student to avoid waste. The complete catalog is available online so printing books for every student is becoming unnecessary. This paperless access gives students and staff the flexibility to reference the catalog from anywhere and print only specific pages that are needed.

The 2010-2011 catalog is just one example of how SDSU embraces innovation and adaptation. The university is always looking for new ways to improve student education, protect the environment, and keep ahead of technology trends.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, Enrollment Services


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