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EMC Opens the Door for Aztec Businesses

Last Wednesday was SDSU’s first-ever Entrepreneur Day. Students and alumni set up booths along Centennial Walkway to network and showcase their products. Among the participants were some familiar companies started by Aztec alumni including Costco, Rubio’s, and Volcom. The event was planned by SDSU’s Entrepreneurial Management Center (EMC) which equips students with skills and opportunities to create their own business.

Coming up next week, we’ll be posting video clips on Twitter from some of our student entrepreneurs. Here are a few of their stories to get things started:

Tim King Photography

Tim King Photography at Entrepreneur Day

Tim King Photography at Entrepreneur Day. Click photo to see a video.

Tim King is an international business major at SDSU. He started his own business as a photographer, specializing in pictures of people.

Tim is an active part of the EMC and says that Entrepreneur Day has given him a sense of business in the real world that he couldn’t get in any class.

Click here to see video of Tim King Photography

Aztec Deals

Aztec Deals at Entrepreneur Day

Aztec Deals at Entrepreneur Day. Click photo to see a video.

Aztec Deals is a student coupon book started by an SDSU communications student. With help from the EMC, Sennett Devermoney networks with local companies to bring students the best deals and give exposure to local restaurants and shops.

He has also teamed up with The Daily Save, which brings San Diegans one huge coupon every day.

Click here to see video of Aztec Deals

Dr. Comp SD

Dr. Comp SD at Entrepreneur Day

Dr. Comp SD at Entrepreneur Day. Click photo to see a video.

If you’ve ever accidently sat on your iPhone or dropped your laptop you know the heart wrenching feeling of realizing your fumble has ruined your gadget’s screen. Dr. Comp SD is just what the doctor ordered to get all your computer problems fixed.

The company was started by an SDSU student in the College of Business who later teamed up with a Computer Science major to fix your Mac or PC.

Click here to see video of Dr. Comp SD

The EMC places a big emphasis on bringing together students from different majors and programs to create dynamic companies with the right blend of skill and creativity. Their Lavin VentureStart Program requires teams to have representation from multiple colleges and encourages collaboration about students from various areas of study.

Follow the EMC on Twitter and keep up with what the center has to offer.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, Enrollment Services

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